Saltus Athletic Academy

Forging strong, powerful athletes and changing the way Canada thinks about strength & conditioning and athletic development.

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Quality athletic development

At Saltus Athletic Academy, we produce talented athletes across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.  We emphasize genuine, traditional strength training.  And, we focus on quality individual skill work.  We take advantage of the off-season – not to play more games – but to make athletes bigger, stronger, faster, more explosive, and more skilled.

Strength & Conditioning

As certified strength coaches, we focus on the development of speed and strength through proper weightlifting techniques.

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Basketball Skill Development

In our sessions, we focus on individual skill development and how  to apply these skills in live game situations.

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One of our passions is education, whether it’s teaching athletes, parents, coaches, or other professionals.

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Sports Nutrition

Sports supplementation is crucial for any serious athlete who wants to perform at the highest level.

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Real Training.

Real Results.

Imagine a pool of prospects who ooze potential.  They’re raw, but ready to work. First, imagine we put them through our strength program. They’re stronger, aggressive, and explosive. Now they’re dominant…but we’re not done yet. Now, imagine we enhance their skills.  They’ve now got a deadly new arsenal of weapons to strike with, at top speed.

Now, they’re unstoppable.

Hear what our athletes are saying

  • Training with Saltus Athletic Academy really compliments other clubs. Strength and conditioning with Saltus has been the best training I’ve had in my young career. Sean taught me everything I need to know about weightlifting, and told me how to lift safely.

    Mindy Minhas - BC Provincial MVP, 'AAAA' Basketball
  • I never used to workout a lot, because I just use to play basketball all the time and never did any weight training at all. Since I’ve got back from my season in Europe, I’ve been doing a lot of training with Sean, and it just helped me get a lot stronger, quicker, faster, and jump higher.

    Joey Haywood - Professional Basketball Player
  • I got stronger and quicker, but when I started training with Saltus, I was beating people to the ball more and getting steals and things that I never used to get. It got me a confidence in my game that I didn’t have before that. Saltus is something that will definitely benefit the player without taking away from club basketball.

    Alex Coote - BC Provincial MVP, 'A' Basketball

Put in work, so you can do work.

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